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Welcome to Friendswood Baptist Church!
Thanks for visiting our church website! Please check out our ministries, listen to a sermon, and see what God is doing at our church.
If you like what you see, then come pay us a visit! We’re not picky about what you wear or what version of the Bible you prefer. Just come as you are to worship.
It’s our prayer that you’ll feel: 
  • Welcomed as you gather together with people from every walk of life,
  • Blessed by great worship music,
  • Challenged and encouraged by relevant preaching from the Bible, and
  • Secure knowing that your children are lovingly cared for by our nursery and children’s ministries.

 Our Ministries

Sunday School  – 9:30a
Worship Service – 10:40a
Awana (K-6; Sep-Apr) – 5:30p
Youth Ministry – 5:30p
Prayer and
Bible Study – 6:30p
Kids Choir – 6:30p
On Sunday’s, your kids will be loved and ministered to through our Nursery, Sunday School, Kids Church (dismissed during the worship service), and Awana (evenings; Sep-Apr). Our Kids Choir meets on Wednesday evenings and seasonally features singing, hand chimes, and drama.
Students (6th-12th) gather on Sunday evenings year-round for Bible study, prayer, and fun. Our teens also gather weekly during Sunday School. In addition, we plan events both inside and outside the church grounds to develop healthy relationships and grow as faithful followers of Jesus.
Women join together for a weeknight Bible study in the Spring and Fall, in addition to gathering for our annual Spring banquet. 
For moms of preschoolers we also offer a MOPS ministry during the school year (childcare provided).
Our worship service features a great blend of hymns (with piano and organ) along with contemporary songs (with a full worship band) as a joyful and reverent offering of praise to the Lord that is designed to be a blessing to worshipers of all ages.


Pastor Josh and his wife, Kristy, came to Friendswood in 2007. Since then, the Lord has added Samuel, Micah, Anna, and Emmett to their family. Josh is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.
Worship Leader
Kenny has been serving as the worship leader at Friendswood since 1987. He and his wife, Jean, are blessed with three children and 11 (soon to be 12!) grandchildren.


As a local church, we are committed to: 
  • Teaching and preaching God’s Word  
  • Worshipping the Lord 
  • Praying for one another 
  • Walking with one another in Christian love and service
  • Investing our lives to share the good news about Jesus


As followers of Jesus at Friendswood Baptist Church, we acknowledge that the Bible must be the foundation for all that we believe and all that we do. It is essential for spiritual nourishment and transformation. Therefore, we commit ourselves to the clear and accurate teaching and preaching of God’s Word so that we will handle it correctly by hearing it, learning it, applying it to our lives, and sharing it with others.
Feel free to listen to sermons right on our website, or download them to your device. We pray that the Lord will teach, correct, rebuke, and encourage you by His Spirit through His Word being preached, just as He promised to do.
Of course, preaching was always intended to be received in community with a local body of believers. So, please don’t let these recordings take the place of joining in fellowship with your local church. If you’re in our area and looking for a place to worship, then we encourage you to join us in person, if you are able!

Sep 17, 2017
When God Is Speaking
In Psalm 19, David reflected on how God speaks to humanity and how God's self-revelation requires a personal response.
First, God speaks through Creation. The testimony of the heavens concerning the glory of God is unavoidable. So, pay attention!
Second, God speaks through Scripture. Through Scripture, God reveals His will and transforms people's lives. So, pay attention!
Finally, God is speaking to YOU! He isn't just speaking to make noise. His self-revelation is intended to elicit a response from those made in His image. So, as you hear God speaking through Creation and Scripture, seek God's forgiveness for sin and His help to live, speak, and think rightly.
  • Sep 17, 2017When God Is Speaking
    Sep 17, 2017
    When God Is Speaking
    In Psalm 19, David reflected on how God speaks to humanity and how God's self-revelation requires a personal response.
    First, God speaks through Creation. The testimony of the heavens concerning the glory of God is unavoidable. So, pay attention!
    Second, God speaks through Scripture. Through Scripture, God reveals His will and transforms people's lives. So, pay attention!
    Finally, God is speaking to YOU! He isn't just speaking to make noise. His self-revelation is intended to elicit a response from those made in His image. So, as you hear God speaking through Creation and Scripture, seek God's forgiveness for sin and His help to live, speak, and think rightly.
  • Sep 10, 2017When You Want To Just Let Go And Let God
    Sep 10, 2017
    When You Want To Just Let Go And Let God
    It's tempting to take hold of the popular teaching that followers of Jesus should just let go and let God. However, this teaching doesn't work very well in practice, since it so often leads to no practice at all. In Psalm 18:31-50, we find that David lived his life differently. In doing so, he established a pattern that would ultimately be fulfilled by Jesus Christ and passed along to the followers of Jesus today.
    While the Lord equipped David for the battles he faced as Israel's king, David still needed to fight the battle by pursuing, overtaking, and battling Israel's enemies to the end. Then, when the Lord brought the victory, David exalted the Lord.
    While Jesus was perfectly equipped for the battle against Satan, sin, and death, He still needed fight the battle by going to the Cross. Then, when Jesus secured the victory, He was exalted.
    While the Lord has equipped His Church for the spiritual battle as we are on mission to make disciples, we still need to work together to fight the battle. So, depend on the Lord and get going. When the Lord brings the victories, we must exalt the Lord so that the whole world can hear.
  • Sep 3, 2017When You’re Planning For The Long Term
    Sep 3, 2017
    When You’re Planning For The Long Term
    When planning for the future, it is imperative that we consider how the moral decisions we're making from one day to the next, over time, will largely determine who we will be, how we will think, and what kind of legacy we will leave in the future. 
    In Psalm 18:20-30, as David looked back over God's faithfulness in his life, he realized that part of the reason God had blessed him so greatly was because David had walked with the Lord. He had kept God's Word before him, and so he remained loyal and obedient to the Lord over the course of his life. So, the Lord rewarded David for living rightly, just as He promised He would. However, David knew that how the Lord treated him was no fluke, for David affirmed the Lord's justice, namely, that He treats His faithful people faithfully. Finally, David knew that he was unable to live rightly on his own. So, David had relied heavily on God's grace
    In these verses, David affirmed three timeless truths in our walk with the Lord. First, grace enabled obedience is still obedience. Even though God is ultimately responsible, He is still pleased when He sees it. Second, we reap what we sow. Third, the Lord graces the humble.
    So, if you desire to experience the kind of relationship that David had with the Lord over the course of your life, then walk humbly with your God, like David walked. Keep God's Word before you. Do what He says. Take refuge in God's grace.
  • Aug 27, 2017When God’s People Appear To Be Losing The Battle
    Aug 27, 2017
    When God’s People Appear To Be Losing The Battle
    As followers of Jesus, we have been commissioned to make disciples while standing firmly on the truth of God's Word out of obedience to the Lord, as well as love for God and others. However, in a culture that is increasingly secular, sometimes it feels like we're fighting a losing battle, being drowned out by the powerful voices of media, academia, and politics. 
    In Psalm 18:4-19, as David reflected on a lifetime of battles as Israel's anointed king, he could remember many occasions where his situation felt hopeless and humanly impossible. On the other side of those battles, David had learned the valuable lesson that God cared for His people. For, the Lord had heard David's prayer, brought judgment against David's enemies, and brought support and rescue to David himself.
    God still cares for His people today. While we have a peaceful mission to make disciples as we follow Jesus, the resistance is still substantial in secularized and pagan cultures with spiritual enemies behind the scenes. However, we can be sure that just like with David and Israel in Old Testament times, the Lord will bring victory to His people in the end.
    So, have confidence when the Lord is on our side. If you have aligned yourself as one of God's enemies on account of your sin, then be afraid, but be reconciled to God by grace through faith in Jesus as your Savior. Stop fighting a battle against God that you cannot possibly win. If you are one of God's people, then don't be afraid. The Lord is with you and He will rescue you.
  • Aug 20, 2017When Your Life Is Out Of Control
    Aug 20, 2017
    When Your Life Is Out Of Control
    If you haven't figured it out, yet, there are all kinds of circumstances that have a huge impact on our lives over which we have no control. These circumstances can range from sickness to natural disasters to economic crises to the sinful choices of other people. When we become burdened over these things, what can we do?
    David sets a fine example in Psalm 18:1-3 as he reviews the Lord's faithfulness in his life during many such crises. In these verses, David praised the Lord to whom he prayed. David’s love for the Lord was born out of experience, as the Lord had repeatedly provided protection and victory when David took refuge in Him. So, David regularly called upon the Lord in prayer, because the Lord is worthy to be praised, and David knew that he needed help. 
    When you are burdened by circumstances beyond your control, call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised. Spend time with the Lord in prayer. Set aside time for prayer regularly and then keep the conversation going throughout the day. In order that you might do this, remember David's example. Enlarge your perspective of the Lord by taking refuge in Him and don’t think too highly of yourself. The Lord is a BIG God and we need His help to live as His people in this fallen world from day to day.
  • Aug 13, 2017Great Accomplishments From Unlikely Sources
    Aug 13, 2017
    Great Accomplishments From Unlikely Sources
    Series: Other
    In Proverbs 30:24-28, we learn that small creatures do great things with their God-given abilities and teamwork.
    This wisdom teaching is illustrative of the timeless theological truth that God's people can do great things with God's gracious gifts and teamwork. For, God graciously gifts us together with the abilities we need. Furthermore, God uses inadequate people like us so that we boast in Him.
    So, work together with the gifts God has given us and do great things for Him.
  • Aug 6, 2017What Can We Do To Prepare For Difficult Times Ahead?
    Aug 6, 2017
    What Can We Do To Prepare For Difficult Times Ahead?
    Series: Other
    Too often, we don't prepare for hardships until after the fact. However, since we know that we will experience hardships and trouble in this world, the wise person prepares in advance. 
    In Luke 6:46-49, Jesus explains that how we live our lives in advance of coming storms will determine our ability to withstand the storm when it strikes. It all boils down to how we respond to Jesus' teaching.
    The wise person hears Jesus and obeys. It's hard work, but with God's help the result is a transformed life and close fellowship with the Lord that will weather any storm. 
    The foolish person hears Jesus and ignores. They may think that trouble won't find them or that they'll be able to handle it on their own. As a result, they end up facing trouble with their own limited resources and are swept away. 
    So, prepare for trouble that will inevitably find you by doing what Jesus says! Know that Scripture is not really understood until it is applied as we submit to God's gracious work in our lives. For starters, look back over the Sermon on the Plain. How are you doing? Are you living in God-dependency, no matter the cost? Are you loving your enemies? Do you have a merciful attitude? Are you regularly examining yourself for spiritual fruit?
    Remember, Jesus' point is that weathering the storms of life is determined not so much by how one lives during the storm but the pattern of one's life in advance of the storm. Be prepared. Do what Jesus says!
  • Jul 30, 2017How Should You Examine Your Spiritual Life?
    Jul 30, 2017
    How Should You Examine Your Spiritual Life?
    Series: Other
    An unevaluated life is not worth living. Many have made that point when discussing how we approach finances, workplace performance, marriage, and parenting. However, Jesus also makes the same type of exhortation in Luke 6:43-45 when we calls upon us to examine our spiritual lives. 
    Jesus' teaching in these verses supports the idea that our spiritual condition determines our conduct. That is, our life will produce something for better or for worse with respect to our speech or conduct or influence on other people. The nature of what our lives produce arises from who we are. Thus, evil hearts produce evil, while good hearts produce good. Of course, the condition of one's heart is determined by whether one has submitted to God's gracious plan of salvation through faith in  Jesus and the transforming work of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Therefore, the truth we can draw from these verse is that those who are spiritual will produce spiritual fruit, although the quality and degree may vary.
    However, we must be careful how we judge, since we cannot truly see the conditions and motives of one's heart. So, non-Christians can do "good" things, although such works arise from hearts with impure motives. On the other hand, Christians can do bad things, since we have a daily choice of whether to submit to the work of the Spirit or the selfish desires of the flesh, which still remains. Thus, Jesus is not teaching works salvation in this passage, but rather He is explaining that salvation works!
    So, it's time for a fruit inspection, not so much with respect to others, although we must be aware that we will turn out like those whom we choose to follow. Instead, with God's help, the fruit inspection must begin with ourselves. This is for our own sake that we might not deceive ourselves but have greater conviction and confidence as we follow Jesus. This is for the sake of others who are influenced by us, like our children, since they will turn out like us in varying degrees. So, while no one likes exams, this is one exam that we should come back to often. 
  • Jul 23, 2017Are You A Good Influence?
    Jul 23, 2017
    Are You A Good Influence?
    Series: Other
    For better or for worse, we all influence others. 
    In Luke 6:37-42, Jesus exhorts His followers to be a good influence upon others. 
    A good influence:
    (1) Has a merciful attitude.
    (2) Knows that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
    (3) Honestly deals with their flaws so they can help others.
  • Jul 9, 2017How Should You Respond When You’ve Been Wronged?
    Jul 9, 2017
    How Should You Respond When You’ve Been Wronged?
    Series: Other
    How should followers of Jesus respond when they've been wronged by another person? Jesus' teaching in Luke 6:27-36 provides a truly radical response. In contrast to the world, which tells us to love those who love us, love those who are nice to us, or love others so that they'll be nice to us, Jesus commands His followers to love those who don't deserve it. Love the people who hate you. Love the people you've tried to love, only to be rejected. Love them with an active love, seeking God's blessing on their behalf instead of revenge. Don't retreat, but persevere. Be generous, not stingy. Don't be self-seeking, be self-less. 
    In other words, love your enemies like God loves you. In doing so, you'll be a "chip-off-the-old-block," as you reflect the character of your Heavenly Father. Also, you'll be pointing others to Jesus instead of being a hindrance to His mission. Finally, you can be confident that every sacrifice you make as a follower of Jesus will be well worth it in the end when God settles accounts. He is watching; He cares; and you can trust Him to do what is right.
    So, if someone comes to mind as you hear Jesus' teaching on this subject, then the application is clear. Jesus is speaking these radical words of selfless love to His disciples who will hear. Are you listening?


Driving South on Kentucky Ave
(from Indianapolis)
We are about 5 miles south of I-465. Our church will be on your left about 1 mile south of the stoplight at Camby Rd.
To access our parking lot you must either:
  • Drive past the church and do a U-turn at the next stoplight at Mooresville Rd
  • Or turn left at Mooresville Rd and then turn left into the back entrance to our parking lot (marked by a small sign).
Driving North on Kentucky Ave
(from Mooresville)
We are just north of Heartland Crossing (i.e. Walmart, Sonic, etc…), about 1/4 mile north of the stoplight at Mooresville Rd. The church will be on your right.
7901 S. Kentucky Avenue
Camby, IN 46113
Phone: 317.856.4817
Sunday School (all ages) – 9:30a
Worship Service – 10:40a
Awana (K-6; Sept-Apr) – 5:30p
Youth Ministry – 5:30p
Prayer and Bible Study – 6:30p
Kids Choir – 6:30p
Established in 1887, Friendswood
Baptist Church has been serving the Lord in the Camby, Mooresville, and Heartland Crossing communities for over 125 years.