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Welcome to Friendswood Baptist Church!
Thanks for visiting our church website! Please check out our ministries, listen to a sermon, and see what God is doing at our church.
If you like what you see, then come pay us a visit! We’re not picky about what you wear or what version of the Bible you prefer. Just come as you are to worship.
It’s our prayer that you’ll feel: 
  • Welcomed as you gather together with people from every walk of life,
  • Blessed by great worship music,
  • Challenged and encouraged by relevant preaching from the Bible, and
  • Secure knowing that your children are lovingly cared for by our nursery and children’s ministries.

 Our Ministries

Sunday School  – 9:30a
Worship Service – 10:40a
Awana (K-6; Sep-Apr) – 5:30p
Youth Ministry – 5:30p
Prayer and
Bible Study – 6:30p
Kids Choir – 6:30p
On Sunday’s, your kids will be loved and ministered to through our Nursery, Sunday School, Kids Church (dismissed during the worship service), and Awana (evenings; Sep-Apr). Our Kids Choir meets on Wednesday evenings and seasonally features singing, hand chimes, and drama.
Students (6th-12th) gather on Sunday evenings year-round for Bible study, prayer, and fun. Our teens also gather weekly during Sunday School. In addition, we plan events both inside and outside the church grounds to develop healthy relationships and grow as faithful followers of Jesus.
Women join together for a weeknight Bible study in the Spring and Fall, in addition to gathering for our annual Spring banquet. 
For moms of preschoolers we also offer a MOPS ministry during the school year (childcare provided).
Our worship service features a great blend of hymns (with piano and organ) along with contemporary songs (with a full worship band) as a joyful and reverent offering of praise to the Lord that is designed to be a blessing to worshipers of all ages.


Pastor Josh and his wife, Kristy, came to Friendswood in 2007. Since then, the Lord has added Samuel, Micah, Anna, and Emmett to their family. Josh is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.
Worship Leader
Kenny has been serving as the worship leader at Friendswood since 1987. He and his wife, Jean, are blessed with three children and 11 (soon to be 12!) grandchildren.


As a local church, we are committed to: 
  • Teaching and preaching God’s Word  
  • Worshipping the Lord 
  • Praying for one another 
  • Walking with one another in Christian love and service
  • Investing our lives to share the good news about Jesus


As followers of Jesus at Friendswood Baptist Church, we acknowledge that the Bible must be the foundation for all that we believe and all that we do. It is essential for spiritual nourishment and transformation. Therefore, we commit ourselves to the clear and accurate teaching and preaching of God’s Word so that we will handle it correctly by hearing it, learning it, applying it to our lives, and sharing it with others.
Feel free to listen to sermons right on our website, or download them to your device. We pray that the Lord will teach, correct, rebuke, and encourage you by His Spirit through His Word being preached, just as He promised to do.
Of course, preaching was always intended to be received in community with a local body of believers. So, please don’t let these recordings take the place of joining in fellowship with your local church. If you’re in our area and looking for a place to worship, then we encourage you to join us in person, if you are able!

Nov 19, 2017
All About Jesus
Series: Acts
Christianity is all about Christ.
In Acts 2, the main body of Peter's sermon was focused on Jesus. Jesus' miracles were God at work. Jesus' death was part of God's plan. Jesus' resurrection proved He is the Christ. Jesus' outpouring of the Spirit proved that He is Lord.
As a local church today, we must likewise proclaim the good news about Jesus. In order for the good news about Jesus to be heard, we have to proclaim it. Proclaim it boldly. Keep it reasonable. Keep it biblical. Above all, keep it focused on Jesus. 
  • Nov 19, 2017All About Jesus
    Nov 19, 2017
    All About Jesus
    Series: Acts
    Christianity is all about Christ.
    In Acts 2, the main body of Peter's sermon was focused on Jesus. Jesus' miracles were God at work. Jesus' death was part of God's plan. Jesus' resurrection proved He is the Christ. Jesus' outpouring of the Spirit proved that He is Lord.
    As a local church today, we must likewise proclaim the good news about Jesus. In order for the good news about Jesus to be heard, we have to proclaim it. Proclaim it boldly. Keep it reasonable. Keep it biblical. Above all, keep it focused on Jesus. 
  • Nov 12, 2017Jesus Really Is A God-Thing
    Nov 12, 2017
    Jesus Really Is A God-Thing
    Series: Acts
    Sometimes God catches us by surprise. That is what happened at Pentecost.
    As then, so now, we learn through the beginning of Peter's sermon in Acts 2:14-21 that a big reason we find ourselves surprised by God is because we have mixed up views about Jesus.
    However, Peter is emphatic through the course of his sermon that the person and work of Jesus really is a God-thing, as attested by His miracles, death, resurrection, ascension, and distribution of the Spirit to those who had placed their trust in him.
    So, change your mind about Jesus. In light of the imminent, final judgment, this is imperative. For, the only way one can be saved from God's coming wrath on account of humanity's sin is by calling upon the name of the Lord, that is, through repentance and faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord. 
    Then, you'll find that when you fix your eyes on Jesus, God starts making a lot more sense. This is true not only with respect to what happened at Pentecost, but also with respect to the change that Jesus brings about in the lives of His followers through the Holy Spirit today and His plan that He is working out in our lives, even through trials, in order to perfect our faith. 
  • Nov 5, 2017This Changes Everything
    Nov 5, 2017
    This Changes Everything
    Series: Acts
    Ten days after Jesus’ ascension, something surprising happened. Even though some people were expecting it, they didn’t know when or how it would happen. It brought what many people have called the first revival, and it changed everything for those affected by it, as revivals always do, even today.
    The Church began in surprising fashion. While the believers were gathered together in relative anonymity, the Spirit came and changed everything. The manifestation of the Spirit, enabling the believers to speak in foreign languages they'd never known, messed with people's categories and set the stage for the presentation of the gospel.
    We learn from this account of the formation of Church that revival comes through a sovereign act of God's grace. For, we see in Acts 2 how God graced the early believers in just the right way and at just the right time. The believers just needed to be ready and willing when revival came. And they were, as evidenced by how they'd been praying, praising, and planning in unity as they obediently followed Jesus' command to wait for the Spirit in Jerusalem.
    Be ready and willing to go when God graciously brings revival. This will be evidenced by holding loosely to the way things are and not putting limits on the audience. However, when revival comes, don't expect a universal response. In ministry, we must be ready and willing, but only God makes us able and provides opportunity for revival. When He does, it changes everything.
  • Oct 29, 2017Before We Begin
    Oct 29, 2017
    Before We Begin
    Series: Acts
    Whose job is it to build the Church?
    In Acts 1:15-26, the early followers of Jesus went about replacing Judas as one of the Twelve so that they would be ready to go when Jesus sent the Spirit at Pentecost. Recognizing that the Twelve were Jesus' apostles, that is, Jesus' commissioned representatives for Jesus' mission, these early followers recognized that replacing Judas was ultimately up to the Lord. So, after discerning qualified candidates, they left the decision up to the Lord by consulting Scripture, using their heads, taking it to the Lord in prayer, and casting lots. The practice of casting lots to discern God's will was a common practice in the OT, but no longer appears to have been necessary after the arrival of the Spirit at Pentecost.
    Just as the early followers of Jesus recognized that the mission and the foundational leaders of the mission were ultimately Jesus' responsibility, so too, we must realize as Christians today that building the church is ultimately up to the Lord. So, do your part as we are faithful to the mission. Go to the Lord in prayer. Consult God's Word. Employ common sense. Be the church, so that we're ready to go as God provides the blessing. Then, trust God with the results. After all, it's ultimately Christ's church, not ours. God is faithful to do what only He can do. Losing site of this truth is detrimental, since it leads to churches that are devoid of spiritual power with misplaced priorities
  • Oct 15, 2017While We Wait
    Oct 15, 2017
    While We Wait
    Series: Acts
    Nobody likes to wait. However, throughout Scripture, we find many examples of God's people enduring seasons of waiting. We still experience that today as we wait for a loved one's health to improve or wait for someone's heart to change or wait for God to open a door for a new relationship or opportunity. What should we do while we wait?
    In Acts 1:12-14, we find the followers of Jesus obediently waiting together for the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem, because that is what Jesus commanded them to do. They were not to go out on mission without the Spirit, and so they waited for the Spirit to come. However, they did not wait alone or merely twiddle their thumbs. They waited together, meeting publicly in the Temple for corporate worship and privately in the upper room for corporate prayer. These times of corporate prayer, in particular, set a pattern for the Church going forward and served as critical preparation for the mission.
    So, while you wait on the Lord as followers of Jesus, be devoted to corporate prayer. It is an act of obedience. It is an act of faith. It is a critical act of preparation for the work to which God has called us. Fruitful ministry will not be realized any other way.
  • Oct 8, 2017The Works And Words Of Jesus’ Followers Begin
    Oct 8, 2017
    The Works And Words Of Jesus’ Followers Begin
    Series: Acts
    When it comes to being a follower of Jesus personally and doing church together corporately, it can seem overwhelming, even confusing, at times. It can be helpful to go back and take a look at where the works and words of Jesus' followers began.
    In Acts 1:6-11, we find that Jesus' last words before His ascension were the Great Commission. Jesus told the apostles to stop worrying about a political kingdom. Instead, He gave them a mission. Then, after Jesus ascended, the angels challenged the apostles to get moving.
    As we project forward to the present day, we realize that the mission hasn't changed. So, be Christ's witnesses. Stop worrying about the end of the world. Instead, start where you are and keep going. The task of witnessing to others concerning the facts and significance of Jesus Christ does not end until we have reached the end of the world and the end of the age.
  • Oct 1, 2017The Works And Words Of Jesus Continued
    Oct 1, 2017
    The Works And Words Of Jesus Continued
    Series: Acts
    In the book of Acts, we find that after Jesus' resurrection and ascension into heaven, His work on earth had only just begun.
    In Acts 1:1-5, Luke described how he was recording the continuing ministry of Jesus after His ascension into heaven. Jesus would continue His work by the Spirit through His apostles, having equipped them with everything they needed to advance the Great Commission. He provided them with decisive proofs of His resurrection and made sure they understood the message of the gospel which is the message of the Kingdom of God. Then, He told them to wait for the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus' work continues today through His Church. So, depend on the Holy Spirit as you follow Jesus. All Christians have been baptized, or indwelled, by the Holy Spirit. We need the Spirit's help in all that we say and do as Jesus' followers. For, if we are to be vessels through whom Jesus continues to speak and work in the world, we need not only confidence in Him and knowledge of the gospel, we need Jesus Himself.
  • Sep 24, 2017When You Desire God’s Best
    Sep 24, 2017
    When You Desire God’s Best
    We all want what is best for our lives, for those we love, and for God's glory and the mission to which He has called us as a local church. Of course, different people have different perspectives on what is best. However, we can be confident that God's best is truly best. So, how do we attain it?
    In Psalm 20, the Israelites prayed for God's best for their king, David. They prayed for divine protection and victory in battle. They prayed with confidence. Their confidence was rooted in God's name. For, the Israelites knew their God. They knew that their king was God's faithful servant. So, they placed their trust in God and God alone.
    Do you desire God's best? Then, place your trust in God and God alone. Realize that the more you know Him, the more you'll trust Him. Remember that your life will reflect whether you really trust Him or not. Finally, start cutting down your list of "I-Could-Never's". Those are the things that you tell God you can't do or can't live without. They reveal our lack of submission to His will, commitment to His mission, or confidence in the sufficiency of His grace.
  • Sep 17, 2017When God Is Speaking
    Sep 17, 2017
    When God Is Speaking
    In Psalm 19, David reflected on how God speaks to humanity and how God's self-revelation requires a personal response.
    First, God speaks through Creation. The testimony of the heavens concerning the glory of God is unavoidable. So, pay attention!
    Second, God speaks through Scripture. Through Scripture, God reveals His will and transforms people's lives. So, pay attention!
    Finally, God is speaking to YOU! He isn't just speaking to make noise. His self-revelation is intended to elicit a response from those made in His image. So, as you hear God speaking through Creation and Scripture, seek God's forgiveness for sin and His help to live, speak, and think rightly.
  • Sep 10, 2017When You Want To Just Let Go And Let God
    Sep 10, 2017
    When You Want To Just Let Go And Let God
    It's tempting to take hold of the popular teaching that followers of Jesus should just let go and let God. However, this teaching doesn't work very well in practice, since it so often leads to no practice at all. In Psalm 18:31-50, we find that David lived his life differently. In doing so, he established a pattern that would ultimately be fulfilled by Jesus Christ and passed along to the followers of Jesus today.
    While the Lord equipped David for the battles he faced as Israel's king, David still needed to fight the battle by pursuing, overtaking, and battling Israel's enemies to the end. Then, when the Lord brought the victory, David exalted the Lord.
    While Jesus was perfectly equipped for the battle against Satan, sin, and death, He still needed fight the battle by going to the Cross. Then, when Jesus secured the victory, He was exalted.
    While the Lord has equipped His Church for the spiritual battle as we are on mission to make disciples, we still need to work together to fight the battle. So, depend on the Lord and get going. When the Lord brings the victories, we must exalt the Lord so that the whole world can hear.


Driving South on Kentucky Ave
(from Indianapolis)
We are about 5 miles south of I-465. Our church will be on your left about 1 mile south of the stoplight at Camby Rd.
To access our parking lot you must either:
  • Drive past the church and do a U-turn at the next stoplight at Mooresville Rd
  • Or turn left at Mooresville Rd and then turn left into the back entrance to our parking lot (marked by a small sign).
Driving North on Kentucky Ave
(from Mooresville)
We are just north of Heartland Crossing (i.e. Walmart, Sonic, etc…), about 1/4 mile north of the stoplight at Mooresville Rd. The church will be on your right.
7901 S. Kentucky Avenue
Camby, IN 46113
Phone: 317.856.4817
Sunday School (all ages) – 9:30a
Worship Service – 10:40a
Awana (K-6; Sept-Apr) – 5:30p
Youth Ministry – 5:30p
Prayer and Bible Study – 6:30p
Kids Choir – 6:30p
Established in 1887, Friendswood
Baptist Church has been serving the Lord in the Camby, Mooresville, and Heartland Crossing communities for over 125 years.