When God’s Way Gets Tough

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When it comes to God’s plan for our lives, we either love it or hate it, especially as He leads us down a road marked with suffering. When it comes to God’s commands, we either love them or hate them, especially when they conflict with what we really want to do. 
We can see this principle playing out with respect to the ministries of John the Baptist and Jesus in Luke 7:18-35. Some people were sincere but unsure about them and their message. Some people embraced them and their message as truly coming from God. Some people rejected them and their message out of pride.
When God’s way gets tough, come to Jesus as a sincere seeker. Don’t try to conform God to your way, but rather, ask God to help you conform your way to His. When God’s plan for your life isn’t making sense, bring your questions to Him, seeking understanding. When God’s commands are difficult, bring your struggles to Him, willing to obey.