When Life Leaves You Empty-Handed

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Some problems in life are relatively small, being resolved by spending a little money, investing some time and energy, or just going to bed and starting over again tomorrow. Other problems in life are much bigger, leaving us empty-handed and wondering what we should do, where is God, and does He even really care.
In Luke 7:11-17, Jesus’ compassion extended to an empty-handed widow. She lived in Nain, an insignificant little village off the beaten path. This fallen world had left her empty-handed after having lost her only son. However, when Jesus came upon the funeral procession for her son, Jesus saw the woman. He cared about her. He spoke comforting words to her. He acted within His ability to help her. 
In doing these things, Jesus exemplified the timeless truth that God’s compassion extends to the empty-handed. The Scriptures testify to this again and again. God cares when you’re empty-handed. He sees you; He has compassion towards you; He speaks comforting words to you; and He is acting from His infinite resources to help you.
So, come to Jesus when life leaves you empty-handed. This principle is true if you find yourself physically empty-handed like the woman in Luke 7. It is true if you find yourself spiritually empty-handed on account of your sin. However, this principle also informs how we respond to others in our lives or in the world who find themselves empty-handed. For, the primary way God ministers to the needs of the empty-handed is through His faithful people. So, be Jesus’ hands and feet to the empty-handed